About Jonne Kraning

Jonne Kraning started Colorado Divorce Coach LLC after completion of CDC Certified Divorce Coach® which is approved by the International Federation of Coaching.  After a successful 20 years at the University of Colorado Denver as a Career Counselor and Director, Jonne combined her wealth of skills and experience into what she believes is the missing piece to help hurting people who are going through a divorce. Being divorced in the past she understands the multiple issues involved in this process and provides empathy and wisdom to her coaching.  Below is a summary of her experience.  Please contact Jonne for a full resume of her experience.

Professional Coaching Summary

Results oriented CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, equipped to motivate clients to strive for a positive mindset in the midst of difficult circumstances; Compassionate champion and advocate with the ability to quickly assess and attend to pressing matters pertaining to divorce or separation; Accomplished at creating positive relationships and strategic divorce organization; Focused coaching to create hope and positive outcomes for client’s future.

Colorado Divorce Coach

Private Coaching Practice, Denver, Colorado                                         

Coaching Expertise

Coach and educate clients before, during, and after divorce

Encourage growth to clients in clarity, awareness, and re-connection to their core values

Advocate and thinking partner in the desired divorce settlement negotiations

Help clients become well organized, prepared, and credible to all divorce professionals they encounter during this process


 CDC Certified Divorce Coach®

Frameworks and Divorce Coaching Advanced Applications, Tampa, Florida

M.Ed., Counseling and Career Development   

Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado

B.S., Recreation Administration, Emphasis Business    

University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Colorado

Additional Training and Professional Development

Purposeful Retirement Facilitator

Purposeful Peace, Certified Facilitator

Mediation Training Certification-“The Mediation Process”, 40 hour program.

Career Management Coach; Career Coach Academy

StrengthQuest-Educator, Certified  Facilitator

Myers-Briggs Qualified, Certified Facilitator

Myers-Briggs specialty trainings: In the Grip; Type and Career Development

Strong Interest Inventory, Certified Facilitator

Facilitating Career Transition: Values Based Approach

Enneagram Facilitation Training, Enneagram Institute

Professional Engagement

Professionally known as a person with clear vision, collaborative expertise, innovative planner, and a strategic decision maker.